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The purpose of the Elite Complimentary Race Entry Policy is to financially assist elite athletes competing in the Banff Marathon event by waiving the entry fee. The Banff Marathon recognizes and respects that elite athletes race as a profession and appreciates the athlete attending and assisting at the race event.

In return, the elite athlete’s attendance and support of the race and special events leading up to race day contributes to the overall quality of the event and helps to promote the growth of the race and the marathon as a whole.


In order to be eligible for an Elite Complimentary Race Entry, the following is required:

1. Notification of participation at least 1 month prior to the race event.

2. Provide Proof of Results based on the following qualification times on a certified course within the last 3 years:


North America Athletes:



Male: 2:30

Female: 3:00

Half Marathon

Male: 1:10

Female: 1:20

International Athletes:


Male: 2:20

Female: 2:50


Half Marathon

Male: 1:05

Female: 1:17

Registration Procedure:
Upon meeting the eligibility requirements and signing the agreement, the following will occur:

North American Athletes:
You will be provided a complimentary registration code

International Athletes:
- You will need to register and pay for the entry as per the regular registration procedure
- Your registration receipt can be used as proof of entry for Visa purposes. Official invitation letters are not available
- You will be reimbursed your entry fee in its entirety upon arrival at the event

Athlete Responsibilities:
In order to improve sponsor and community partnerships and media obligations, we rely on our elite athletes attendance at the following special events.

Pre-Race Interviews
In person, over the phone, etc. at your convenience leading up to the race and on race day.
Media / VIP Reception – TBD
Awards Ceremony – Race Day - Time dependent on location and date.
If you have a top placing, you must attend the awards ceremony and your award and/or cheque will be presented at this time.
Optional (and appreciated!):
Pre-Race Clinic – 1 day before race event - Time and location dependent on race location and date.
We would greatly appreciate if you can attend and assist with our pre-race clinic.

Other Athlete Assistance:
We are willing to try to assist you with accommodation via home stay or possibly the host hotel (subject to availability) upon request. 

We appreciate your support of the Banff Marathon!

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