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Reminder: Race Bibs Not Transferable to Another Person

Selling or Giving Your Race Bib to Others is Strictly Prohibited.

Due to the popularity of the event there is a demand for race bibs/registrations. A reminder to all that due to legal, logistical, timing, and safety requirements that race registrations are NOT transferable to another participant under any circumstances. Registration personnel will be asking for ID during race check in, and only registered runners are authorized to run the 10K, half marathon, or full marathon courses. Running with someone else’s bib can cause many problems (timing, safety, confusion, etc) that can affect many other participants in the event negatively so please do not do this. For example running with some else's race bib affects the race results and finishing places of everyone in the event (and can also affect award placings). Anyone who gives their bib to another runner is subject to penalties and/or future ban from competition. This policy is very commonplace among running events and your understanding is appreciated in this matter. 

Can I Change My Registration To A Different Race Length?

Yes. Should you register, then decide you would like to race a shorter distance there will be a $10 change fee.

Please click HERE to transfer your distance.

Picking Up Race Bibs For Other Participants

You are permitted to pick up Race Bibs for other participants provided you are in the event yourself and are picking up your race bib at the same time.  You will be required to sign a proxy form stating that you have permission to pick up the race bib and that the race bib will be given only to the intended registrant.

Where Are The Aid Stations And What Is Offered?

Please click HERE for your Course Amenities

What COVID Guidelines Are In Place?

Please read the COVID Safety Plan HERE

Registration and Cancellation Policy

All entries are Non-Refundable, Non-Transferable to another person, and Non-Deferrable to a future event. This also applies to a participant with an injury or illness. Sale and/or transfer of race entries/bib numbers is strictly prohibited.

Are IPods/MP3 Players/Headphones Allowed?

Due to the event taking place in a National Park and the need for participants to be able to hear clear instructions from officials with regards to wildlife and other matters, the Event prohibits the use of these devices for the participant's safety and the safety of those around them. Over the ear/on the ear headphones are strictly prohibited and will result in disqualification.  For earbud use, there is no risk of disqualification for simple use provided only one earbud is used, however, if a participant puts themselves or other participants at risk, directly or indirectly through the use of these items, the Event Organizers reserve the right to disqualify the participant.

Do I Receive A Medal For Completing The Half Marathon Event?

Both the Marathon and Half Marathon finishers receive a medal.  A Finishers Medal for the 10K is not included in the registration price.  There have been requests by 10K participants to have a finishers medal.  Likewise, there are many participants who would prefer not to have a 10K finishers medal in lieu of a lower registration price.  Hosting the event in Banff National Park makes for a wonderful experience, but is much more expensive than operating a traditional running event.  In the spirit of trying to maintain the lowest registration price AND provide an opportunity to have a 10K Finisher Medal, a medal will now be made available for purchase, at a low price, at the time of registration.

Are There A Lot Of Hills On The Race Course?

The 10K route takes place in the Town of Banff and is flat.  For the Half Marathon and Marathon events, the route begins in Banff, travels to Vermilion Lakes Road and the Legacy Trail (west side of Banff) then connects on to the Bow Valley Parkway to turnaround points (traveling the same route in return).  The section that is utilized for the Half Marathon course is flat in town and along Vermilion Lakes Road with some undulating grade along the Legacy Trail and the beginning of the Bow Valley Parkway to the Half Marathon turnaround point.  The Marathon route carries further along the Bow Valley Parkway which includes more grade changes and hillier terrain although it is not too steep.  The return route in both the Half and Full Marathon courses contains more downhill sections.


Is The Banff Marathon A Boston Qualifier?

Currently the Banff Marathon is not certified as a Boston qualifier. The course will be the accurate distance for timing purposes.  The potential of becoming a certified Boston qualifier in future years is still being explored. 


Are Strollers Or Pets Allowed On The Course?

Banff National Park is a beautiful and unique location for a running event.  However, this does present some challenges for the running course which is comprised of a combination of paved roads, paved and dirt trails, narrow sections, sharp turns and some curbs.  For safety reasons, wheelchairs, baby joggers, strollers, Burleys, inline skates, bicycles, and pets can NOT be permitted on the course.


Is There A Time Limit For Finishing The Courses?

The Marathon event has a course time limit of 6 hours and 30 minutes.  The Half Marathon and 10K events do not have an official course time limit that is less than the Marathon event, however participants are asked to keep moving at all times and are not permitted to stop along the course. There will be certain cut-off times along the course based on this time at which time the course will re-open to vehicular traffic and participants may be asked to cease their participation in the Event. Participants must maintain a minimum 15-minute per mile pace (approximately) and complete each event distance - start line to finish line - within the event time requirement. There is no Walking division in the Event although walking is allowed provided the participant maintains a pace that will allow finishing within the course time limits. Those who finish outside of the time limit will not be recorded as official finishers and may not receive full on-course support from Aid Stations and traffic.   

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