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Need Some Help? Pinnacle Fitness not only offers Event Management, but also offers Coaching Services.

Pinnacle Fitness is committed to helping you achieve your endurance goals.  Whether it is your first time or you are looking for a best time, we will provide you the guidance and best opportunity for success. With our world-leading triathlon coaching, run coaching and endurance training programs and beautiful destination events, you will be on the journey to your personal pinnacle.

From time to time we will post training tips and workouts on this page - please check back for updates!

Workout - 6-5-4-3-2-1 Fartlek

Give this workout a try. Everyone can do it!

We call this one our 6-5-4-3-2-1 Fartlek and is an excellent workout if you are training by yourself and want to add some structure.  Any level of runner, from brand new to experience can do this workout and get some great fitness benefits.  The term "Fartlek" is a Swedish saying for "Speed Play" so this means that you will be changing speeds during your run.  Remember that speed is only relative to you so it doesn't matter how fast you are going as long as you change your speeds!  It is great outside on the trail and roads or indoors on a treadmill. If you really want to get in some good work do this workout with a group or a training partner.  

10-15min Easy Running. Include 3-4 accelerations of 30s to get your legs moving
Light stretch

Main Set: 
Fartlek workout - continuous running (or brisk walking on the recovery portions but always still moving)
Each interval gets faster but controlled.  Each interval has 2 minutes of a recovery (R) easy run or brisk walk before the next interval begins.
6min - steady then 2min R (easy run)
5min - stronger but still controlled / 2min R
4min - faster / 2min R
3min - a little faster yet / 2min R
2min - speedy, be stronger in the second minute / 2min R
1min - fast leg speed / 2 min R

Cool Down: 5-10min easy running

Workout notes:
- If this workout seems too long, start with the 5min section (or 4min) and start from there
- Don't start out too fast so you can be sure to increase the speed/effort on each interval
- Hold good run form (or walk if the running is too difficult) on the easy 2min Recovery section between each interval.  If you need to walk between that is fine, but make a future goal to walk less and then eventually replacing the walking with easy running
- Try to be as fast and strong in the second half of each interval as you start them
- Look at the horizon as you run. This will give you your best run form (and performance)
- Don't forget to run (or walk briskly) your 2min Recovery on your last interval (the 1min speed interval) - you may not feel like it but keep moving!
Have a great run!

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