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The start takes place on Bow Avenue (at Caribou Street) alongside the beautiful Bow River. Runners will then turn east (right) on Wolf St, then south (right) on to the famous Banff Avenue Pedestrian Zone and head toward the beautiful Parks Headquarters building.  Once at Buffalo Street, runners will turn east (left) on Buffalo Street and make their way to the Surprise Corner turnaround with incredible views of the Banff Springs Hotel and Bow River, then travel back to the river trailhead at Muskrat Street, turning south (left) on to the trail.  From here the course will travel over the eastern Pedestrian Bridge to the south side of the river, then eastbound (left) along the Bow River Trails to Bow Falls Road then a right turn (westbound) on to Glen Avenue.  Once arriving at Birch Drive, runners will turn southbound (left), then westbound (right) on the Cave Ave Trail, northbound on Sundance Road, then eastbound (right) on to the access road through the Banff Recreation Grounds sports fields with amazing views of Mount Rundle.  This access road will connect to the pathway (right turn) that weaves its way through the Recreation Grounds leading to the stunning Nancy Pauw Pedestrian Bridge.  The course will then travel northbound over the bridge towards beautiful Banff Central Park and turn eastward (right) on the Bow River Trail, and travel under the famous Banff Ave Bridge to the trail intersection at the eastern Pedestrian Bridge.  From here, the route will travel south (right) across the eastern Pedestrian Bridge (for a second time) and complete a second loop on the south side of the river (the Buffalo Street/Surprise Corner, etc. section is not utilized for the second loop).  After traveling over the Nancy Pauw Pedestrian Bridge back toward Central Park for a second time, the route will turn north (left) on to the Bow River Trail, then east at the Central Park Parking Lot past the Gazebo, to arrive at the Finish Line in Central Park.


Course Map - COMING SOON

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