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Bring Your Own Course – and we’ll bring everything else!  You can run whenever, wherever - run on a treadmill, around your neighborhood or any course of your choosing (please adhere to the guidelines provided by the local public health agencies).


  • There is no specific route that must be covered

  • There is no designated start or finish site

  • Choose a route and time to avoid congestion

  • Review your route before running

  • There are no medical services provided

  • There will be no support services, namely hydration/electrolyte replacement/energy supplements and artificial cooling methods (sponges) provided in any fashion and you should plan your route accordingly so there is access to this support

  • You are responsible for continuously monitoring and maintaining your exertion at a safe level during the Event

  • Hydrate and fuel sufficiently prior to the Event and regularly during the Event

  • Abide by the physical activity and ‘social distancing’ guidelines set forth by local health authorities during all phases of participation in the Event

  • If participating outside, be respectful of non-participants and use care and generally accepted running/walking guidelines on sidewalks, roadways, trails, tracks etc.

  • Carry a cell phone or other personal communication device during participation in the Event

  • Do not wear headphones during the Event

  • Complete the event based on personal preference and capability (pace, cadence, aerobic threshold)

  • There are no prizes awarded post event based on results

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