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The Banff Marathon is operated by an experienced production team that includes a Local Organizing Committee, local event contractors, a team of volunteers and staff from Banff Marathon Inc .  Consultation and support is provided by Banff National Park, the Town of Banff and Banff Lake Louise Tourism.  Banff Marathon Inc. is a small business that specializes in event management and is comprised of former National Team Coaches, athletes and event specialists.  The leaders of Banff Marathon Inc. have built and managed a number of major endurance events including the Subaru Western Triathlon Series, BlueShore Mother’s Day Run, National Triathlon Championships, ITU races, and Pan Am and Commonwealth Games Qualifiers.

Our Philosophies

At Banff Marathon Inc. we believe that along with hosting the event comes a responsibility to ensure the following priorities are at the forefront of the event:

-  Stewardship of Banff National Park
-  World-leading Sustainability programs
-  A Healthy and Accessible activity for everyone
-  Community Benefits through contributing to local charities and benefactors, significant economic impact to local business, Free local Kids Run, Free Health and Fitness Expo, Volunteer recognition programs, local leadership development

Our Vision for the Participants

The Vision of the Banff Marathon is to offer a professional, safe, and world-class experience for the participant, sponsor, volunteer, and spectator – all in a race venue carefully selected to showcase the stunning beauty of the area.  The event is designed so that athletes of all abilities can be part of a great experience and feel the rush that achieving a goal can give.  The very nature of running encourages a healthy, active lifestyle that is environmentally friendly promoting “people powered” means of transportation.  This event will have a festival atmosphere and will leave no negative impact on the race site.

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